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Looking To Have Your Dryer Vent Cleaned?

At Chimspector Venting Specialists, our professionals ensure that we get all the lint out of the vent by using a rotary system, providing a safe and healthy dryer and venting system.
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Dryer Vent Cleaning + Repairs

Why Should You Clean Your Dryer Vent?

Dryer vents are commonly overlooked until you have a problem with your clothes drying. Your clothes should be completely dry in one cycle when the dryer is functioning properly. When lint build up occurs within your dryer duct the capacity for air flow through the system is dramatically reduced and heat is not able to escape the dryer. This can lead to potential problems.

Stay Safe By Cleaning Your Dryer Vents

In several cases of house fires, it has been noticed that there are large accumulations of lint trapped in the ducts. In a study conducted by FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency), there are nearly 3,000 clothes dryer fires reported in residential buildings, resulting in at least $3 million in property losses, an average of five deaths, and over 100 injuries each year.

The Truth About Dryer Vents

Due to the fact that it is more common now than it was decades ago to hear about more clothes dryer fires, many are led to believe that the dryer vent cleaning industry is a scam and that the reasons behind having your ducts cleaned by a professional are simply marketing gimmicks. However, the truth behind these clothes dryer fires is that houses are built much differently now than they were years ago and the reality is that many dryer ducts have a much lengthier distance to travel before reaching the outdoors. This reasoning worsens the chance for catastrophic dryer fires to occur. In addition to these reasons, improper installations, connections, and faulty liners are all at fault in many of the dryer fires that are reported.

We're Professionals

This information may lead you to ask yourself why a chimney sweep company might be cleaning out clothes dryer vents. Well, the solution to that is because the dryer’s duct functions very similarly to a chimney, giving the professionals a good incentive to include it within our portfolio of services. We use a very similar procedure to clean out your dryer duct as we would use to clean out your chimney, through a process that utilizes rotary brushes and vacuums. We have technicians certified in thoroughly cleaning your dryer exhaust ducts to give you a proper peace of mind.

What are the warning signs that there could be dangerous accumulations of lint building up in your dryer and ventilation system?

Some common elements to look out for may include:

  • Clothes taking longer amounts of time to dry;
  • Clothes are not fully drying;
  • Clothes feel hotter than normal at the end of a drying cycle;
  • The outside of the dryer gets incredibly hot;
  • The outside exhaust vent flapper does not open much, indicating low exhaust velocity;
  • The laundry room becomes more humid than it typically would be; and
  • There is an evident burnt smell in the laundry room.

Facts About Dryer Fires

The following statistics are data collected from the U.S. Fire Administration’s (USFA’s) National Fire Incident Reporting System (NFIRS):

  • Clothes dryer fires happen more often in the fall and winter, and peak in the month of January;
  • ‘Failure to clean’ is the leading cause of clothes dryer fires in residential buildings; and
  • Dust, fiber, lint, and clothing not on a person’s body are by far the leading items that are initially ignited in clothes dryer fires.

What is it that makes Chimspector Venting Specialists the choice of companies to use for vent cleaning?

There are several companies that offer services in dryer vent cleaning, however they are typically in and out of your home in 15 minutes or less. Where are they cutting corners? At Chimspector Venting Specialists, our professionals know that a thorough cleaning of your dryer ventilation system takes a significant amount of time, no matter the distance from the dryer to the end of the vent duct leading outside. It should not be considered a cleaning option to simply blow the vent out. Everyone should be aware that many companies will turn on your dryer and use an air hose to blow the lint off of the liner system from the outside, which creates a major mess!

At Chimspector Venting Specialists, our professionals ensure that we get all the lint out of the vent by using a rotary system. We connect a vacuum cleaner to the vent to guarantee that we are able to collect all of the lint from inside the system, rather than blowing it all outside and into your yard. We will also inspect the dryer vent to assure that it is made with aluminum lining. There are many liners on the market that are known to be extremely flammable. We check to make sure that your dryer is properly lined with the appropriate liner to prevent higher statistics of house fires caused by dryer fires, ensuring the safety of you and your family.

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